Welcome to Sung Ming Shu, the Atlanta Chapter of Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts. We are a traditional martial arts school that has been serving in-town Atlanta since 1981. We are a community-oriented, non-profit group that requires no contracts or experience. We believe martial arts are good for you physically, mentally and spiritually. Our goal is to build not just better martial artists, but better people.


  • Self-control and self-discipline
  • Fitness and coordination
  • Self-defense and respect
  • Friendship and FUN!


  • Self-defense and confidence
  • Fitness and friendship
  • Non-profit. No contracts.
  • Visit anytime to watch a class.
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News and Upcoming Events

  • New Classes Start

    Adult Classes - New Classes Start Thursday, September 7th
    Kids Classes - New Classes Start Tuesday, September 5th
  • Upcoming Kids Test

    Saturday, August 19th. Sung Ming Shu Dojo
  • Upcoming 2017 Regional Test Dates

    Saturday, November 11th. Charlotte North Carolina