Adult Boxing Class

Monday 8:45 - 9:45pm

The dojo is now offering classes that teach the art of boxing. In these classes in addition to balance, speed and self defense; you will learn how to throw a proper combination and hook, boxing footwork, how to work a heavy bag and speed bag, and jumping rope. The class is excellent for conditioning, coordination, and engaging your mind. Class typically lasts one hour. There is no experience necessary and participants only need comfortable workout clothes. The class is taught by the famous and infamous Shalik. Shalik is a pugalist of reknown. He was a professional boxer for seven years and has been training boxing since 1974. He has trained professional boxers, amateur boxers, and people just interested in overall fitness. He has trained in the famous Gleason's Boxing Gym in New York and various gyms throughout the country. Shalik brings a deep knowledge of boxing and an indomitable spirit. $10/Class

Pay Instructor Directly, Cash, Prior to Each Class.