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We currently raise money towards the goals below. 

Sung Ming Shu is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your donations are tax-deductible.
When you make a tax-deductible donation, we mail or hand you a receipt for your records.

Luis Caamano Memorial Scholarship Fund

Our dearly loved friend Luis Caamano recently suffered an unexpected heart attack that led to his death. Our community is devastated by this great loss; Luis was loved and admired by each of us. He fully embodied the Cuong Nhu Spirit in all of his actions and in his daily living.  He was kind, generous, helpful, he reached out to others with his smile, encouragement, and love, he was a father, a husband, a brother, a friend.  We are in shock at the sudden way he was torn from our lives, and are trying to remember all of the positive and good that he stood for, to help us push forward and think of others as we deal with our grief. 

The Luis Caamano Memorial Scholarship Foundation has been established to ensure that Luis' spirit is remembered, and to acknowledge and reward those that possess the strength of character, quantity of spirit, camaraderie, commitment to community, and generosity of time, and self that is reflective of the way Luis lived.

Luis especially looked forward to the Dojo Camping Trip held each Fall (and sometimes Spring), and to Cuong Nhu Annual Training Camp. held each Memorial Day Weekend.  Funds raised by the Foundation will ensure that Luis' spirit lives on each year at these events, and that those with qualities similar to Luis' are honored and appreciated.  We would like to see Luis’ spirit carried on and remembered in this way!

Luis Caamano receiving rank promotion from Master Allen Hoss April 24th, 2010

Luis receiving rank promotion from Master Allen at the Cuong Nhu Regional Test held at Sung Ming Shu Dojo April 24th, 2010.

Mary Davis-Cates Scholarship Fund

The purpose of this foundation is to enable those women that show the ability and desire to continue their Martial Arts training, yet may be less able to afford to do so. It will focus on, but not be limited to, those women within the Martial Arts community that desire to attend the annual Cuong Nhu Training Camp held each year during the Memorial Day Weekend. The training camp was always one of Mary’s favorite events. She not only participated as a student but dedicated many hours as an instructor. Her passion lay within the walls of each and every Dojo she visited. Her joy would be to see many other women like herself have the chance to participate as well. We would like to see Mary’s desire to help others, and her dream to make a difference, come true!

Leadership Award

Sung Ming Shu dojo (Tree of Life school) has many branches that reach out into the communities of Atlanta.  We are currently able to hold after school classes in eight different schools across the city.  The Leadership Award allows us to offer a scholarship to students who cannot afford the classes, but are hardworking and committed to their school community. It costs approximately $500 per student per year, but any amount will help build towards allowing another scholarship, even for a few months.

New Dojo Construction Fund

We are raising funds for the Build Out / Construction of Our New Dojo!
After 26 years at Elizabeth Street, we
 secured a 10-year lease on a new 4,880 sq. ft. space at 465 Boulevard SE, in Grant Park.  Our new location will allow us to continue teaching and training Cuong Nhu into the next generation(s) - and,  offer other opportunities for fitness and health training. 
While we had saved funds for some of the materials and professional sub-contracting for this build-out, we need your help to complete this transition!  We Need to raise funds to pay for expenses and costs over the next few months.
Most all of the labor has been "sweat-equity" done by members and friends of the dojo.  We have worked nights and every weekend to complete the work. 
We have had capable folks with experience leading us through the process.  Amir Carlock, a professional contractor has provided the construction budget and schedule.  The Floor Plan was prepared by our in-house architectural team, Mike Kwon, Tom Ingram, James Schoen, and Master Allen Hoss.
We can use all the help we can get in this process!
January 23rd, 2010 we had a Grand Opening Event to kick off the new year in the new space. 
Thank you all for your commitment, energy and enthusiasm dedicated to Sung Ming Shu and Cuong Nhu.  We would not be, and could not be,  doing this without you!

Repair and Maintenance Fund

We have put an enormous amount of sweat and effort into creating our new dojo at 465 Boulevard SE.  We are still completing construction on the floor, and have a ways to go on the kitchen and other finish work.  Once all construction is complete, we will strive to constantly improve the quality of the training equipment and the space.  Donations to the Repair and Maintenance fund help us to accomplish these goals!