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About Us

The Cuong Nhu dojo in Atlanta is known as “Sung Ming Shu” which means “Tree of Life”. We have been teaching Cuong Nhu martial arts at Sung Ming Shu for over 30 years. The school has grown from a handful of dedicated beginners to a strong school with over 100 students including children and adults. At our dojo, you’ll find over 15 black belt instructors, led by Master Allen Hoss who has been teaching Cuong Nhu for over 25 years. Our instructors are dedicated to teaching martial in an open and positive way. None of our instructors are paid for teaching – the payment for all of their hard work is the joy and satisfaction that comes from helping our students learn and grow as martial artists and as people.

We often talk of the dojo as our family, and if you choose to train here, you’ll see why after a short time. We support each other both in and out of the dojo with a spirit that starts from our workouts together, and grows through our friendships over the years.

We are very proud of the fact that we are a non-profit organization. No one at the dojo ever has to sign a contract, and since our goal isn’t to make a profit, our dues are lower than most other schools.


The dojo was founded in 1981, and held the first classes at the former Morningside Recreation Center. In 1983, the dojo moved to an old warehouse building in Inman Park where it stayed for 27 years until moving in 2010 to the current location on Boulevard in the Grant Park neighborhood.

Our current location is conveniently located just off I-20 on Boulevard in Grant Park. The 4,800 square foot facility was built in 2010 specifically for our needs. We know it was built that way, because we designed and built it ourselves! It’s an open and light space with a beautiful maple wood floor, and dedicated space for mat work. We have large dressing rooms with showers for men and women. Parking is free and never a problem.

No Long-term Contracts
There are no long-term payment contracts at Sung Ming Shu. Students just pay month-to-month.