Virtual Classes

Monday: Adults' Class, 7 PM

Tuesday: Kids' Class, 5:30 PM

Thursday: Kids' Class, 5:30 PM, Adults' Class, 7 PM

Saturday: Kids' Class, 10 AM

Sunday: Yoga Class, 10 AM

As part of our response to COVID-19, we are trying to help our members keep up with their training through the use of virtual classes. Our typical kids' and adults' classes, as well as yoga, are being held at their usual time, in an online format using Zoom. Instructions for connecting to Zoom are available here.

While you will need to download the software (or an app for your mobile device), a free membership to Zoom is all you need to participate. To join a class, please click on the corresponding link below:

Adults' Monday/Thursday 7:00 PM class (Meeting number: 974-449-252)

Teens' Tuesday 3:30 PM class (Meeting number: 976-4065-6675)

Kids' Tuesday/Thursday 5:30 PM class (Meeting number: 952-251-471)

Kids' Saturday 10 AM class (Meeting number: 580-119-852)

Sunday 10 AM yoga (Meeting number: 266-046-672)

Other Resources

Wondering what you should be working on? Check out your curriculum at

If you miss a class, you can watch a recording on our YouTube channel. You can also keep up on the dojo and other at-home activities on our Facebook Page.

Lastly, our friends at Unity Martial Arts (Cuong Nhu dojo in Little Rock, AR) have done an amazing job of moving their classes to the virtual setting too. The link below includes virtual Cuong Nhu class offerings from Arkansas, California, Florida, Athens, GA and Paris! If you're interested in participating in some of these classes you can do so from here.